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Director of Communication & Outreach

We’re looking for an outreach expert to join our team. If you’re ready to take on a new challenge and join a growing team of marketing geniuses in Denver, review the details below and send us your info with the button at the bottom.

At Big Footprint, we believe that the impact of our work for clients and stakeholders is the single most critical measure of our success; to that end, it is of utmost importance that we ensure that our clients are receiving massive value and education from our service.

Job Description

To further expand our team, Big Footprint is seeking to fill the position of Director of Communication & Outreach. This individual will be responsible for formulating and executing social, PR, and organic outreach campaigns that promote client content, services, and businesses across various digital channels. This individual will be working with clients, business leaders, website owners, social influencers, bloggers, writers, and publications to enhance the value we create for our stakeholders every day.

You’ll even have a chance to work on one of our growing tech startup companies!

We’re taking resumes from individuals that have proven experience, fulfill specific characteristics, and are ready to take on challenges outlined below.

  1. You’re willing and able to work on multiple projects across multiple clients/businesses and industries. In addition to direct clients, Big Footprint holds a stake in a number of new business startups and you will be required to work across all of these, applying your expertise and creative value in multiple avenues.
  2. You have a minimum of 4 years of experience in the PR industry with heavy exposure and understanding of organic/natural social media promotion, blogger outreach, online publication outreach, and strategies to promote content. It is preferred that your experience include direct client communication as well as communication with publications.
  3. You have a desire to take your PR experience/skills and leverage them to move into a broader digital marketing roll, allowing you to build a niche skill-set within a fast growing industry.
  4. You are a skilled writer and communicator. You understand when and how to be diplomatic, when to play hard-ball, how to maintain leverage, how to negotiate deals, when to be cordial, and when to walk away from a deal.
  5. You are a critical thinker. You can synthesize situational information to formulate new strategies.
  6. You are driven to solve problems that require taking an idea that lacks tangibility and creating tactical level execution that results in accomplished goals.
  7. You are proficient in all major Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, and Power Point. Your Excel knowledge is extensive enough to utilize spreadsheets to organize complex data sets for outreach and results. If you don’t know what a VLOOKUP is, you have some work to do.
  8. You are proficient with Google Analytics.
  9. You have a basic understanding of how SEO relates to content, link earning, PR, and social media.
  10. You are willing to wear multiple hats and contribute to the business and client success in ways other than your core responsibilities. You understand this is critical to develop your well-rounded skill set and understanding the full scope of Big Footprint’s services and value for our clients.
  11. The confines of a 9-5 work schedule do not drive your priorities.


  • Analyze and understand current clients’ (and their competitors’) PR and social strategies, including the use of content, inbound links, mentions, and social platform technicalities. You will be responsible for distilling this information into reports that communicate your understanding, outline key takeaways, and result in the formulation of social, PR, and content strategies.
  • Developing PR “stories” that allow clients, products, and content to entice coverage from partners, media, and social influencers.
  • Provisioning and managing social platforms, tools, press releases and platforms, reporting, and other systems required to conduct social and PR strategies.
  • Researching and compiling lists of targeted partners, bloggers, websites, and platforms that will be used for client outreach.
  • Formulating value-based strategies for outreach that result in successful media, blogger, and social exposure for clients, products, campaigns, and content.
  • Overseeing and often completing outreach to potential partners, media, bloggers, and social influencers. Establishing and maintaining relationships with these partners, and successfully leveraging them to drive exposure for clients and their products.
  • Interface and collaborate with other teams (both Big Footprint and the Client) to complete project goals.
  • Communicate the value of programs and work completed by you and the Big Footprint team so that clients understand what they are paying for.
  • Develop and evolve a full social, PR, and content outreach program for repeatable success and communication of value to clients.

In order to complete the responsibilities above, this individual will have access to others who are experts at web development, paid search, organic search, and digital marketing strategy. Still, you are responsible for leading your area of the business.


  • 4+ years marketing experience with a heavy emphasis on PR, social media, outreach, and content promotion
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills – able to simplify complex strategies and topics in a friendly, approachable manner and present complex topics to Clients, potential media partners, bloggers, social influencers, etc.
  • Flexible and able to juggle and complete multiple priorities and projects (internally and externally)
  • In-depth knowledge of Google Analytics and Microsoft Office as detailed above
  • Team player and self-driven to get things done
  • Ability to solve problems and desire to enhance career by developing new processes and truly “owning” an area of this business
  • Live in the Denver/Boulder/Front Range area or willing to move/commute there
  • Extensive knowledge of successful PR/social/content strategies that gain visibility for businesses

Goals & Measurement

Big Footprint expects the Director of Communication & Outreach to drive measurable results with Clients, communicate those results and the value, and gain renewals and client satisfaction. At the end of your first three months, it will be readily apparent whether you have grown into your role of truly owning the areas outlined above.

Compensation Package

Big Footprint’s entire existence is based on our ability to drive value directly for our customers.  Everything we do must drive this value or it detracts from our success and our client’s success.  As a result, Big Footprint ties employee compensation to an employee’s ability to drive success.

When combining salary, performance bonuses, wellness incentives (i.e. ski pass), health reimbursement arrangements, and other perks and contributions, the total compensation package at Big Footprint is meant to be bring the best people here.

We thrive as one business, one unit, and each member of the team must contribute value.

  • The starting salary for this position will be determined based on the candidate’s breadth of knowledge, experience, ability to fill the role, and drive ROI.
  • Compensation will include the opportunity to take part in a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, which can be used to cover health insurance premiums. Other benefits may also be available.
  • Employees receive the opportunity to earn commission on projects they refer to the company and may be eligible for profit sharing or partner status based on contribution throughout their career.
  • Employees receive 15 days of paid vacation per year in addition to many standard US Holidays.
  • Employees also receive an allowance toward purchasing an annual ski and snowboard pass.
  • Employees are eligible for performance bonuses based on client results, these goals are identified on a case by case basis.

The Ideal Candidate

  • You have a self-starting, information-absorbing, problem-solving personality.
  • You’re confident in your ability to discuss PR, social, content marketing, and digital marketing.
  • You can synthesize complex digital problems in order to find solutions.
  • Anything done “half-assed” offends you.
  • Technology drives your mind.
  • You’re personable.
  • You can manage client expectations and relationships, while still contributing to and demanding more of the team around you.
  • You stay on top of everything relating to PR, content, social, and media promotions.
  • You’re comfortable working with and are very proficient with Excel, content management systems, and the project management.
  • You are adept at visual communication and digital execution, presenting strategic plans that clients and our team can understand and implement.
  • Your desire for knowledge and independence drives your career.
  • You read publications and educational information to stay current with the latest and greatest strategies/news/best practices, and can speak intelligently about it – or better yet, blog about it.
  • You can write, well.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you understand how to communicate and illustrate value to clients.

What You Need to Know About Us

Big Footprint is a search-centric growth marketing agency providing digital marketing solutions customized for businesses with complex products, audiences, and digital predicaments.  Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Denver, CO, Big Footprint is built on talent – the collective experience of our team creates value for our clients every day.

We leverage years of industry experience to implement solutions that generate meaningful results for B2B and B2C clients, while providing valuable insights into the marketplace.

We’re growing up fast, and looking for another genius to join us. At Big Footprint you’ll have the opportunity to “own” your role, hone your skills, and develop your professional portfolio while building “expert” status with our evolving network of clients and agency partners.  You won’t have to take direction from anyone but your own instincts.  You’ll be expected to dive into all aspects of the business and expand your context through ongoing education in the form of industry conferences, content, and collaboration with the rest of the team.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, send us your info with the button below.


Big Footprint Digital does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other reason prohibited by law in provision of employment opportunities and benefits.