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Director of Development

Jacob Rice is the Director of Development at Big Footprint.

As both an in-house specialist and freelance professional, Jacob is an expert in design, branding, creating landing pages, and developing websites for a large variety of companies. Jacob has been a digital practitioner since obtaining a Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing from the University of Colorado in 2010.


Jacob worked for several web marketing agencies in Colorado while constantly developing his skills as both a web and graphic designer. As an internal director of web development, Jacob has been on the forefront of the latest changes in technology. His focus is on functional design which emphasizes usability, aesthetics, and lead generation.

Jacob resides in the Denver area with his wife, baby, and their dog. He enjoys spending time with his family, baking, and obsessing over the various minutiae of all the movies, music, and other pop culture artifacts he finds fascinating.


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