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Todd Colston is a Search Account Executive at Big Footprint.

Todd Colston - Big Footprint SEO

His role encompasses Client and Project Management, as well as Foundational and Ongoing SEO. Marketing Analytics, User Interaction Analysis, and SEO-driven website migrations are also areas of Todd’s practice.

Todd brings a diverse background that’s allowed him to assess and deduce value from various source points during his previous digital marketing roles. His 6 years experience in search, research, and analysis drive positive results and fulfill the unique needs of enterprise-level SEO clients (and SMBs).

Todd enjoys many hobbies including cooking, brewing beer, movies, playing music, and spending time with friends. He has won awards for his homebrew beer and is super proud to have recently won a meatball competition (they were really good, you should be jealous). A recent Coloradan, he enjoys hiking, biking, camping, and will soon acquire many bruises learning how to ski.

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