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Web Analytics

Many businesses are investing thousands of dollars into digital campaigns before accurate web analytics tracking and conversion attribution systems are properly implemented. Rely on Big Footprint’s expertise to ensure you’re tracking everything that matters – and learning from the insights you’re generating.

Online marketing is infinitely measurable – it is the most trackable channel you can leverage in your marketing mix.

Every digital decision you make should be driven by your web analytics data.

Big Footprint’s expert understanding of the Google Analytics suite (we’re Google Analytics certified), as well as other CRMs and analytics products, allow us to implement advanced features that help you turn formerly inaccessible data into real information.

We then use this information and our insights to optimize your campaigns and more accurately attribute conversions and ROI.


  • Integrate Web Analytics with Salesforce.com & CRMs
  • Implement Conversion Tracking and Attribution Models
  • Custom Phone Tracking solutions
  • Create Dashboards, Segments, Funnels, and anything else you need
  • Give your Sales team a complete view of how new leads are finding you
  • Help “score” leads and identify sales-ready prospects with analytics data


If you’ve ever wanted to see how a new customer found your business, or by what medium did they found your website, what keyword they searched for, or what ad they clicked, Big Footprint can help.  Contact us and speak with an expert.


What To Do With Web Analytics Data


Driving performance through website optimization is often the most effective thing you can do to boost results. Gain efficiency from your current operations with post-click optimization based on the user’s thought process and split testing.


Are you confident that your web development team considers “all things digital” when building? Mobile, search, international, speed – the list goes on and on. We’ve found that most developers build in a vacuum. The result is often disastrous, so we have our own team.