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Paid Search

Paid Search is the most targeted, measurable and effective method of reaching your exact audience. How else can you ensure your business appears whenever someone is looking for exactly what you provide? Because of this, it is highly likely you are underutilizing the channel’s ability to drive not only leads, sales, and awareness, but also learning, data, and an understanding of your target market.

Paid search marketing is simple, right? Choose some relevant keywords, write a few ads, press go and tada! We disagree.

Most organizations run paid search in a vacuum, utilize manual methods, misunderstand account settings, and ultimately spend thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars ineffectively.

At Big Footprint, we’ve managed millions of dollars in paid search media spend for clients ranging from enterprise B2B organizations and international brands to national franchise organizations focused on local presence. Each client requires a unique strategy that is integrated with business goals and other marketing efforts, including search engine optimization.

When you work with Big Footprint to run your paid search campaigns, expect the following:

  • Integrated digital strategy that treats Paid Search as one of many effective and meaningful channels
  • Proper account structure that leverages best practices and gives you access to the latest account features released by Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Daily monitoring and optimization along with weekly check ins on performance and changes
  • Pre and Post click optimization
  • Multi-channel attribution and full tracking from lead to customer

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Our Paid Search Integration Services


Driving performance through website optimization is often the most effective thing you can do to boost results. Gain efficiency from your current operations with post-click optimization based on the user’s thought process and split testing.


If you’re spending budget on media without a strong landing page strategy, you’re falling behind. Clicks, impressions, views, and placement costs continue to rise. Effectively converting visitors is critical. Allow Big Footprint to develop your landing page process.


Some people claim we founded Analytics Anonymous, but we aren’t saying. All we know is that your digital strategy untracked is a disaster waiting to happen. Foundational analytics evolved to advanced attribution is how serious companies operate.


Search Engine Optimization is more relevant than ever. Your digital presence should be built with a usability-first approach that doesn’t overlook search engine access, and your business authority must translate to digital.