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Website Architecture & Planning

Don’t fall behind to your digital competition because you built your website in a vacuum! To be visible online, your website architecture must be driven and influenced by SEO. We start by considering your search problem(s), and then leverage our process to integrate SEO insights and research into your evolving website structure.

To drive more organic traffic, create an optimized website architecture. But how exactly do you do this, and why does your website structure matter to SEO?

Big Footprint’s team helps Clients and Agency Partners create website structures that enhance SEO. Search engines consider and weigh your information architecture when determining your organic rankings, so it is critical to integrate Keyword insights and optimized content into your architecture. Organizing your website’s data and content in the most optimized manner involves the following:

Usability and UX – Plan and create an organized, logical information architecture that will make sense to users and include subfolders. Leverage URL structures that mirror your navigation.

Audience & Funnel Insights – Architect your website in a way that mirrors your audience’s research and or buying cycle to consistently push the user towards the next step in the process.

Content & Categories – Take full stock of your content before making changes to your IA – if you overlook Transitional SEO and redirect mapping, it could hurt your SEO standing. Make sure you plan for all content, both existing and proposed, to ensure nothing slips through the digital cracks.

Internal Linking – Effective use of internal linking will assist with usability, navigation, and SEO. Link when relevant and warranted.

Rankings – Don’t forget to consider your current organic rankings when you’re recreating your website structure.

Conversions – The user’s path through the conversion process should be clear and concise, requiring as few actions or steps as possible.

When creating or modifying a website structure, it’s critical to integrate SEO.  Contact Big Footprint and speak with an expert.



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