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Do you have a search problem? Big Footprint’s unique Opportunity Report offers a complete digital diagnosis of your online presence so you can reach your goals.

Interested in learning more? We start with each member of Big Footprint’s team contributing research on their specific area of expertise – which means our recommendations span the full spectrum of Search, from Keyword Targeting to Technical SEO to Paid Search to Conversion Attribution (and everything in between).

The outcome is a strategic plan that identifies tactics and tools to drive conversions, sales, and even forecast ROI as we map out the structure (and cost) of the campaign based on our findings.

You’ll get real value with the consulting and direction our expert team provides. The Opportunity Report is intended to act as a diagnosis and examine your entire digital presence, prioritizing the campaigns and what you have in motion currently, all of which is critical to our consulting process.  There is also a lot of education and background in here to add context, which is why presenting it in person is preferred.


What do we examine? Everything… see the list below for the elements our analysis includes:

  • Keyword Insights/Targeting
  • Technical SEO & Website Architecture
  • Organic On-Site SEO
  • Linking Analysis & Strategy
  • Paid Search + Remarketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Your Digital Competition
  • Social Integration
  • Web Analytics Tracking (and webmaster tools)
  • Conversion Optimization + Attribution


How can you get started? Just complete the form at right to request your own Opportunity Report.

Big Footprint will need access to your website and web analytics accounts, and we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire detailing your priorities, goals, context, targets keywords and audiences, and your digital competition.

The price is determined by the overall depth of your website.