Studio Shed and Big Footprint Collaborate on a Custom Infographic


Written by Nick Yorchak. Posted in Blog

Studio Shed, a Boulder-based creator of luxury backyard sheds and a long time client of Big Footprint, worked with us to create an infographic to assist in their content marketing efforts. Noticing the growing trend in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – also called carriage houses, granny flats, etc. – and the modular addition capabilities of their product line, it was determined that the most relevant and effective infographic would be one that focuses on the benefits of a modular freestanding home addition.

Infographics by Big Footprint | Studio Shed Once we settled on a topic, we moved into the research phase. Given the endless amount of information available concerning modular structures, it was necessary to approach it from an angle that was not only unique, but aligned with the client’s capabilities as well. A modular home addition is different from a freestanding modular home addition; as such, the research process honed in on this distinction to craft a unique infographic that is as much a piece of information as it is sales collateral.

Just like an animated video needs to be storyboarded before beginning the animation process, the layout, or structure, of the infographic must be determined before tackling the design. As we write the content, we keep at the forefront potential layouts: Will it work best vertically or horizontal? Should the images themselves tell a story? How should we position those all-too-critical calls-to-action? The copy is thus delivered in a manner that best conforms to the proposed layout, as this helps both the client and designer visualize the final product before we even begin the design phase.

Once the copy is approved, we begin the design process. After working with the client to procure the necessary images, our designer gets to work bringing the copy to life. This typically takes anywhere from 1-3 revisions, allowing us to hone in on the client’s specific requests while ensuring the entire project is fully optimized for SEO.

Visit Studio Shed to see the finished product and to learn more about the benefits of freestanding modular additions.