Big Footprint Welcomes Brad McHargue, Director of Content Optimization


Written by Nick Yorchak. Posted in Blog

Big Footprint is proud to announce the addition of Brad McHargue to the team as the new Director of Content Optimization. Having cut his teeth with BFD as a freelance writer, he and his beard officially joined the team on July 6th, 2015. Some say the sound of seven trumpets could be heard, but this has yet to be verified by independent sources, and we’re pretty certain it’s a terrible metaphor anyways. Now THAT’S irony. But we digress.

Brad’s skills as a writer and editor have helped clients leverage and optimize content, improve their online presence, and serve as the voice of authority in their respective fields. Thanks to a background in academic research cultivated while earning a BA and MA in Classical Civilizations at Florida State University (NB: he doesn’t recommend this), Brad is capable of digging deep to find information while adapting his voice and tone to fit styles ranging from B2B technical writing to consumer-facing, e-commerce driven copy.

Hailing from the sweat-soaked state of Florida, Brad moved to Denver in June of 2009 and quickly settled into the not-so-glamorous life of a freelance writer. Over the course of the next several years, he navigated the tumultuous world of digital marketing, applying his skills as a writer, editor, and researcher in a variety of freelance, in-house, and agency roles. In addition to providing content and SEO, Brad’s love of film has translated into writing all of the scripts for Big Footprint’s video production projects. He is not above making obscure film references in internal emails and laughing like an idiot over how clever he thinks he is.

In his free time, Brad likes to stroke his beard pensively while penning horror film scripts he thinks are way better than they really are. His long-term goals include world domination; his short-term goals include this totally awesome burrito.