BMA Colorado Panelist Nick Yorchak Shares Gold Key Insights


Written by Nick Yorchak. Posted in Blog

BMA Colorado recently hosted a panel where the Gold Key winners from 2015 shared insights and tips for this season’s entries.

On January 13, 2016 before the keynote event “How to Launch a Content-First Business,” five of last year’s winners joined a panel and related their experiences and tips for success.

Nick Yorchak, the founder of Footprint, added a few thoughts on preparation and how best to prepare one’s entry.

Big Footprint won the 2015 Gold Key for “Best Results” for work completed on behalf of Condit Exhibits by achieving an impressive ROI of 696% on organic search efforts, coupled with a 109% increase in organic traffic to the website and multiple coveted “Top 3” rankings for multiple high-value keywords.

Learn more about Big Footprint’s expertise here.