Recent Digital Animation Projects


Written by Nick Yorchak. Posted in Blog

Big Footprint’s crew has been busy creating animated videos, and we’re proud to showcase some of our recent work. Our digital animation capabilities result in powerful content assets that drive visibility, awareness, and links for our clients.

Our team begins the process with an in-depth Discovery, then a detailed script writing process that aligns goals and desired outcomes with video production. Next up, we move into Storyboards and Concepting to define the creative direction and style.

From there, we finalize the script and select a narrator after listening to 10-20 voice artists. You can speed them up, slow them down, or guide them another direction until you’re happy with the take.

Finally, we stitch it all together with crisp, clean digital animation that holds the user’s attention and includes calls to action and conversion points.

Check out a few of our recent projects below.

Pak Mail Animated Video Still | Animated Video Services from Big FootprintPak Mail worked with Big Footprint to create this animated overview of the company and its services. Covering all of Pak Mail’s capabilities, this succinct short was very prominent throughout the company’s digital presence. It even holds homepage real estate. Watch it here.


Studio Shed Animated Video | Big Footprint Video Production ServicesStudio Shed’s evolving web presence greatly benefitted from this animated video which offers viewers a full overview of the company’s products and philosophy. The video was a hit across social channels and earned the company a number of valuable links. Watch it here. 


ShaveMOB Animated Video | Big Footprint Animated Video ProductionShaveMOB’s launch in 2013 required an animated video that could drive interest and share the story behind the company. With quick moving animation and metrics meant to sway consumers, this video was an integral asset in the launch of ShaveMOB. Watch it here.


SWIPE Razors Animated Video | Big Footprint Digital Video Production ServicesSWIPE Shaving, a featured product on, also needed an animated video that showcased the superior technology of the razor while introducing the concept to customers. Watch it here.